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BeTween Productions was initially conceived to serve as my professional media production identity/brand: a nod to the tween audience for whom I am passionate about creating content and an acknowledgment of the freelance creative life of bouncing between projects.


My current focus has shifted towards teaching and (practice-based) research about and with media; 

BeTween Productions now reflects my goals of producing research and media content that straddles (and supports) academia, community, and industry.

My Biography.

Passionate. Creative.
Lifelong Learner...
A storytelling life. 
Our lives are shaped by stories and I have been a storyteller for as long as I can remember.
I began this life-long adventure in storytelling at an early age: crafting imaginative tales by putting pen to paper. Writing was and still is a passion and forte... but enrolling in the Radio and Television Arts undergraduate program at Toronto Metropolitan (formerly Ryerson) University opened up the world of media storytelling. Since then, I have spent the majority of my media-making career using digital media to communicate both factual and fictional stories for audiences of all ages, first for television and later for various digital platforms. For over 17 years, I contributed my creative producing, directing, and writing talents to programming for over 30 different media broadcasters and production companies both in Canada and internationally. Through this work, I have explored communities ranging from family-run farms in Ontario to elite athlete training facilities in Florida. I've journeyed from the beaches of Rio to the tundra of Nunavut. And I've had the opportunity to meet incredible humans that range from children striving for athletic success to adults united by a desire to broaden the definition of beauty.
The current chapter of my life reflects a shift towards education and research about media and supporting the next generation of media storytellers. My overarching research areas are media literacy/digital literacies, children's/youth (media) cultures, and feminist-informed, participatory, and arts-based research and practice. In my interdisciplinary Master of Arts program of study, I investigated new directions for media literacy education curriculum through video production in the middle-school classroom. My doctoral research builds upon this work by exploring extracurricular media production and storytelling experiences for marginalized girl-identifying youth. I hope to continue to advocate for media content and research that includes the participation and perspectives of children -- and other societal groups that have been traditionally excluded.


The thread that binds my media storytelling and education/research experiences (so far) is a commitment to supporting inspirational, meaningful, and inclusive stories and storytellers. 


I look forward to future collaborations, whether industry, community/non-profit, or academia-driven, and I am particularly eager to work in interdisciplinary, collaborative, and hybrid spaces. If you feel any resonance, please get in touch and let's discuss how we can collaborate to shape the future of media storytelling.  


Education and Training


• Ph.D., Language, Culture and Teaching (Faculty of Education), York University


• M.A., Communication and Culture, Ryerson University & York University

• Professional Copy Editing and Children's Publishing courses, Ryerson University

• 2011 Toronto Business Development Entrepreneurial Training Program

• 2009 CWC Career Accelerator in Digital Media and Technology Participant


• B.A.A. (Honours) - Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University



  • 2021 Oliver Stong Scholarship, Faculty of Education, York University 

  • 2018 SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS-D)​

  • 2017 York University Entrance Scholarship

  • 2016 SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS-M)  in Honour of Nelson Mandela      

  • 2016 Media Innovation “Best in Branded Content” Silver Award for “Big Fun Books in Motion” (YTV/Corus Entertainment)

  • 2015 Ryerson University Graduate Fellowship


  • 2008 Baltimore Women’s Film Festival Selectee for “What A Booty!”

  • 2006 CTV Banff Fellowship Award

  • 2005 Warner Bros. Canada/ WIFT Banff Mentorship Award 

  • 2005 Banff World TV Festival Pitch Finalist – Children’s Category

  • 2004 Gemini Award for Best Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series for “SWAP-TV”

  • 2003 Alliance for Children & Television “Special Mention of the Jury” Award for “SWAP-TV” 

  • 2001 Academy of Canadian Cinema & TV Apprenticeship Award 

  • 2001 William Harding Memorial Award - Excellence in Screenwriting (Ryerson/School of Radio & Television Arts) 

  • 2001  J. L. Beaton Award (Ryerson/School of Radio & Television Arts)

  • 2000 University Dean's List                                                                                                                           

  • 1999 Ryerson University Golden Key National Honour Society                                                                             

  • 1997 Ryerson University Entrance Scholarship                                                                                                     

  • 1997 Ryerson University John Webb Graham QC/ Rogers Multicultural Scholarship       

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